Important – Increased National Living & National Minimum Wage


The next Government increase to the NLW & NMW will take effect from 1st April 2019. If you employ staff, or are thinking of employing staff then this mandatory increase may affect your payroll. We want to make you aware of these changes in good time so that you can plan ahead or instruct us to take action on your behalf.

From 1st April 2019 there are new rates for all 5 categories of worker:

• Workers aged 25 and over: £8.21 per hour
• Workers aged 21-24: £7.70 per hour
• Development rate for workers aged 18-20: £6.15 per hour
• Young workers under 18 who are no longer of compulsory school age: £4.35 per hour
• Apprentice rate (those under 19 or 19 or over in the first year of an approved apprenticeship scheme): £3.90 per hour

The accommodation offset rate from 1st April 2018 is £7.55 per hour.

We will be checking your payroll during April and applying increases where necessary. Please be aware of those staff that will be due an increase if they have an upcoming birthday that places them in a different category (e.g. turning 18, 21 or 25) or will be completing the 1st year of an apprenticeship and also due an increase.

If you are concerned about these changes or need more information then please speak to your accountant or a member of the payroll team to discuss your concerns in more detail.